The best red wine to gift

The best red wine to gift

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

Red wine gifts have a great deal of variety, both in terms of drinking experience and price. While this makes it a perfect option for friends and business contacts, choosing the right fine red wine can also be a challenge. This post gives you an insight into our top choices for red wines for gifting purposes.


What makes good red wine gifts?

One of the main factors contributing to the appeal of red wine is the psychology behind the colour and taste. Red is often associated with passion, power, and elegance. The rich hue of a fine red wine evokes a sense of sophistication and offers an indulgent experience for clients. The taste of a red wine gift is then influenced by a range of factors, including the grape varieties, the ageing process, and the production region of the wine. For instance, a rioja red wine typically exhibits flavours of plum, cherry, vanilla, and old leather on the palate.


Jean Juviniere top picks for red wines for gifting

Amarone Montresor Satinato Della Valpollicella

Amarone red wine is perfect for those wine gifts that need to make a strong impression and appeal to someone’s status. This wine features bold flavours, strong alcohol content, and a deep almost-purple hue.

Haut-Troupchaud Pomerol

A lovely merlot from Bordeaux, this pomerol red wine is an excellent choice for a luxury red wine gift for the enthusiast in your life. The bottles can be aged to great effect to develop flavours. On the other hand, its recommended decanting time of 4-6 hours makes it perfect for gifting and drinking at events.

Ravoire Côtes du Rhône

The Côte du Rhone red wine is all about balance. It appears as a striking ruby red with garnet hues throughout. The pleasant spice on the nose of this red makes it perfect for gifting at any time of year. It is also extremely cost-effective for a fine red wine.

Sierra Cantabria Reserva Unica

As a red wine made from almost 100% Tempranillo grapes, the terroir of the vineyards shines through. This makes it an ideal gift for those who prefer Spanish reds. Sierra Cantabria features red fruits and vanilla, with a noticeable undercurrent of minerals.

Find the perfect fine wine gift

The Jean Juviniere range of red wine has been specially curated to provide options for business leaders, wine enthusiasts, and everyone in between. The beauty of wine as a gift is that it can suit any occasion. Contact us today and order branded gifts direct to your recipient’s door.