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If you’re looking for a selection of fine and rare wines, you can’t do much better than first researching Italian wines. There are many wines from Italy which have rich histories and flavour combinations that can’t be found anywhere else. Italian sparkling wine is especially famous for its quality and exciting freshness. Jean Juviniere makes sure to always have a range of fine wines from Italy in stock to give our customers as much choice as possible. You may be surprised to know that Italy is the biggest producer of wine in the world, surpassing France and Spain. Our Italian wines have been selected using our knowledge of viticulture and wine gifting. 

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I was recommended to Claire some time ago, she offers a brilliant service and has supplied me with Corporate Branded Boxes with excellent wine which has been greatly received by our Clients. We will continue to use Claire in the future and have no hesitation in recommending her.
Steve Allen
I searched for a local wine merchants. When I arrived they were very helpful and I bought exactly what I wanted. I will be visiting again!
Alex Grey
Very well trained and articulate representative. High quality wines at reasonable prices from the smaller vineyards. Can highly recommend their tasting sessions to sample the fine quality of their wines. Especially recommend the white port.
Paul Scullion
Highly recommend for corporate gift! The service is excellent and staff really helpful. Most of all, my clients are very happy with the wine. Thank you.
Ravensca Luhulima

Why buy Italian fine wine? 

Italian wine offers possibly the largest range of choice out of any wine producing country in the modern age. As a result, these wines can be enjoyed by new wine enthusiasts and seasoned drinkers alike. Although it is a small country, each variety is intrinsically linked to its region of origin. This is why buying Italian wine is often recommended for corporate gifting. An expensive Italian fine wine can evoke feelings and settings that your recipient won’t be able to find elsewhere. Jean Juviniere provides these personalised experiences for a reasonable price, delivered straight to the destination of your choice. 

Where is wine produced in Italy? 

There are 20 different wine producing regions in Italy that are located across the entire length of the country. Instead of going into detail about every one of these areas, here is information on six of the most notable Italian wine regions:  

  • Veneto – this is the largest wine producing region in Italy, featuring the alps to the north, lake Garda to the west, and the Adriatic sea to the east. 
  • Lombardy – this region’s many lakes, along with its proximity to the alps, allows it to produce many Italian sparkling wines. 
  • Piedmont – located in the northwest of the country, this region is also where the famous Italian Gavi wine is produced. Gavi di Gavi fine white wine is made from the Cortese grapes. Other notable grapes include Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto. 
  • Tuscany – known for Sangiovese wines, such as Chianti and Brunello. Collectors are fond of wines produced in Tuscany due to the unique methods used. 
  • Abruzzo – a mountainous region, many Abruzzo winemakers can trace their lineage to medieval monks. 
  • Liguria – this small coastal region sits between France and Tuscany along the Mediterranean, producing mainly Italian white wines.