Fine Rose Wine

Fine Rose Wine

It may sometimes go under appreciated in the shadow of red and white wine, but a fine rose wine can make a beautiful gift whether your recipient is a wine enthusiast or a more casual wine drinker. Our fine rose wines have a lot of character and are incredibly versatile when it comes to flavour, meaning you’re sure to find the right balance for your gift recipient. See our full collection of rose wine gifts UK below.

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I was recommended to Claire some time ago, she offers a brilliant service and has supplied me with Corporate Branded Boxes with excellent wine which has been greatly received by our Clients. We will continue to use Claire in the future and have no hesitation in recommending her.
Steve Allen - Jan 2022
I searched for a local wine merchants. When I arrived they were very helpful and I bought exactly what I wanted. I will be visiting again!
Alex Grey - October 2018
Very well trained and articulate representative. High quality wines at reasonable prices from the smaller vineyards. Can highly recommend their tasting sessions to sample the fine quality of their wines. Especially recommend the white port.
Paul Scullion - July 2015
Highly recommend for corporate gift! The service is excellent and staff really helpful. Most of all, my clients are very happy with the wine. Thank you.
Ravensca Luhulima - Sept 2022

What is rose wine? 

With a fine rose wine, you’re getting the best of both worlds between red and white. Rose wines are typically produced from red grapes that doesn’t have a lot of contact with the skin of the grapes, which results in the stunning pink hue the wine has. The more contact there is with the grape skins, the darker the colour of the rose.  

This essentially means that a little bit of tannin that is usually found in red wines is transferred into what would be a white wine, hence rose is created. As a result, you get an amazing combination of the structure and body of a red wine with the fresh and fruitiness of a white wine.  

Why choose fine rose wine for your corporate gifting? 

If you’re considering giving wine as a gift and the recipient doesn’t have a strong preference of red or white wine, a rose can be a great compromise. Not only does a rose wine gift box look amazing when it’s being given as a gift but it’s ideal for those who enjoy wine more casually. This makes it a great option if you intend to send more than one boxed wine gifts or position your business as a regular corporate gifter to clients and employees.  

There isn’t a right or wrong way to enjoy rose wine, it pairs well with a wide range of foods and makes for a refreshing summer time drink too. Therefore, it has a broad appeal, and it is often more affordable than fine red and white wines, making it a compelling choice for a corporate gift.  

If you’re struggling to decide on the right rose wine for your gift, then don’t hesitate to speak to one of our friendly wine experts at Jean Juviniere. With years of knowledge and experience between them they can offer useful advice and guidance that will help you to choose the right wine for your occasion.  

Unsure on rose wine? We also have a broad collection of fine white wines and fine red wines* that might be more to your taste.