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The Veneto wine region, sitting in the northeast of Italy, produces a large amount of quality wine despite its small size. Its geography contains altitude from the alps, along with minerals and water from Lake Garda and the Adige River. Jean Juviniere is proud to stock many fine wines from this historic region, including exquisite Amarone. We understand that not everyone has the time to go and visit Italy themselves, which is why all the Veneto wines you see below are available for delivery.

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I was recommended to Claire some time ago, she offers a brilliant service and has supplied me with Corporate Branded Boxes with excellent wine which has been greatly received by our Clients. We will continue to use Claire in the future and have no hesitation in recommending her.
Steve Allen
I searched for a local wine merchants. When I arrived they were very helpful and I bought exactly what I wanted. I will be visiting again!
Alex Grey
Very well trained and articulate representative. High quality wines at reasonable prices from the smaller vineyards. Can highly recommend their tasting sessions to sample the fine quality of their wines. Especially recommend the white port.
Paul Scullion
Highly recommend for corporate gift! The service is excellent and staff really helpful. Most of all, my clients are very happy with the wine. Thank you.
Ravensca Luhulima

Is Veneto wine a dry or sweet wine?

There are many grape varieties used in the production of wines from Veneto, which can lead to the creation of wines with a dry finish or sweet taste. For instance, those looking for a dry white from Veneto region of Italy will be satisfied with most Soave white wine. However, Soave bottles can take on a sweeter quality when made with passito grapes. These grapes often see use in the production of Veneto sparkling wine too. Our corporate branding service allows to select a range of wines from regions around the world and send them in specially made boxes with your company logo on the front.


What does Veneto wine taste like?

No two wines from Veneto are the same, although there are some shared flavours due to the grapes used and the techniques employed in the production of the wine. The Glera grape used in Proseccos from the region impart notes of apple and pear, along with citrus. Whereas red Veneto wines are usually punctuated dark fruits, coffee, chocolate, and spices due to the use of dried grapes. When you book a personal wine tasting with an expert sommelier, you can learn how to experience every aspect that a fine wine has to offer. This is especially important when buying wine from Veneto, as the flavours need to be matched to the person you’re buying for.