At Jean Juviniere we’ve spent years establishing relationships with producers across France to be able to provide quality French wine. French grape varieties are known worldwide and for good reason. We need only look at popular examples such as Chardonnay for French white wine and pinot noir for French red wine. Of course, France is also responsible for bringing us many other established modern wines, as well as Champagne. 


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I was recommended to Claire some time ago, she offers a brilliant service and has supplied me with Corporate Branded Boxes with excellent wine which has been greatly received by our Clients. We will continue to use Claire in the future and have no hesitation in recommending her.
Steve Allen - Jan 2022
Very well trained and articulate representative. High quality wines at reasonable prices from the smaller vineyards. Can highly recommend their tasting sessions to sample the fine quality of their wines. Especially recommend the white port.
Paul Scullion - July 2015
I searched for a local wine merchants. When I arrived they were very helpful and I bought exactly what I wanted. I will be visiting again!
Alex Grey - October 2018
Highly recommend for corporate gift! The service is excellent and staff really helpful. Most of all, my clients are very happy with the wine. Thank you.
Ravensca Luhulima - Sept 2022

What makes French wine special? 

Wine remains a large part of French culture to this day, even after it was first established by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It was then the Christian monks that were responsible for refining wine making techniques for French wine, especially fine red wines. Although it’s not just the cultural significance that makes fine French wine so special. There is a great deal of variety in the wines that are produced in France, thanks to the country’s temperate and cool climate. 

In fact, French fine wines are so unique that they are often named after the region/sub-region and vineyard where they were produced. For example, our Haut-Pougnan – Bordeaux Cabernet/Merlot which is available as a six bottle case. Our range contains affordable fine wines like this as well as those that are more exclusive such as Pomerol red wine and Meursault white wine. The Bordeaux region itself contains no less than 6 different wine producing regions, each with their own qualities. As a result, when you buy a bottle of French wine, it feels like you’re truly buying a piece of culture. Even the label allows you to feel the care that has gone into the wine, which has most likely been produced by generations of the same family. 

Speak to a wine expert  

If you’re feeling out of your depth and trying to figure out how to choose the right French wine to buy online, Jean Juviniere is here to help. We can provide a condensed list of wine suggestions specially selected based on your requirements. If you’re buying fine wine as a corporate gift, our wine experts will also take the time to consider who you are buying for. Although whatever you choose, French wine makes for a fantastic fine wine gift. You then have the option of trying a range of our French wines with a personalised wine tasting. Simply choose the time, location, and types of wine you want to try, and we’ll come to you. Our sommeliers will be happy to provide a deeper insight into the characteristics of French wine.