Why you should book wine tasting for your team

Why you should book wine tasting for your team

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

At Jean Juviniere, we believe wine tastings are great events for a range of people. They are essential for anyone looking to learn more about fine wines, but they can be enjoyed by experienced wine drinkers and newbies alike. For this reason and more, wine tastings are perfectly suited to business leaders looking to take their team to an event. Continue reading for an insight on all the ways a corporate wine tasting can benefit your team. 

It’s a way to give back 

Even if some of your team doesn’t have an interest in learning about wines, they will appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into organising the event. A wine tasting is an opportunity to show thanks for the hard work your employees have put in and allow everyone to kick back. You can also tailor the experience to make it as memorable for those attending as possible. For instance, our personal wine tasting has the option to include Cognac and Champagne if that’s your preference. 

Encourages teamworking 

Oftentimes, office dynamics can get in the way of teams working effectively. A corporate wine tasting event encourages people to mingle and share their thoughts. It creates an atmosphere where everyone can feel as though they’re making valid contributions, especially where their taste aligns with someone else in the team. This enables team members to feel more comfortable communicating with one another, leading to smoother working upon the return to the office. 

Networking opportunity 

As well as encouraging communication within your team, wine tastings can be a way for members of your team to build relationships outside the organisation. This can serve as valuable experience for the team, while also creating business opportunities. The resulting collaborations can be vital for the business to grow and branch out into new areas. 

Deepen wine knowledge 

A professional wine tasting is a fantastic educational experience. You and your team will learn about each wine in detail, from its grapes, origins, age, and bottling techniques. This knowledge is something that every member of the team can take away from the event. It also allows attendees to get more enjoyment out of drinking wine at the event and in the future. 

It’s a great experience 

Lastly, wine tastings are fun. Your team will be treated to a relaxed event where they can totally destress. You are free to talk about topics outside of work and laugh about things that have happened recently. Not everyone has to drink alcohol either. It’s up to the individual whether they swallow any of the wine they’re given. Get more information on what happens at a wine tasting. 

Book a corporate wine tasting 

Jean Juviniere offers a personalised wine tasting conducted by one of our friendly and experienced sommeliers. With us, your team will be guided through a range of specially selected wines complete with thorough explanations on their taste, origin, and appearance. Simply fill in our online form to book your tasting today. A wine tasting is also a brilliant way to gain confidence when choosing corporate wine gifts to send to clients and employees.