Which wine is good for a gift?

Which wine is good for a gift?

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

It’s no secret that wine makes for a great gift. It can be used whether you’re celebrating someone’s achievements, an anniversary or giving a gift as a show of appreciation. It suits a corporate setting too, although the same conundrum can arise – which wine do you choose?

This blog is here to help you decide on the perfect wine gift for any setting, occasion, or person.

Why wine is a good gift

The main strength of wine as a gift is its variety. Wine is made in countries all over the world, with bottles ranging in ages up to and beyond a decade. As such, you can find a wine that has a special significance to your recipient.

Another reason that wine gift giving is so popular is because it promises an experience. Drinking a bottle of wine you’ve never had before is memorable, which allows the gift to have lasting significance.

Our top picks for wine gifts

Our sommeliers recommend the best approach is to focus on wines that will please a crowd, as gifts like wine and chocolate often get shared. This is especially true for wine gifts that are given at events. However, there should also be consideration given to the time of year, the nature of the event and of course any preferences held by the recipient. For example, a crisp white Riesling might be perfect for a summer birthday or BBQ.

Furthermore, many wines can be kept in storage for long periods without issue. In fact, many bottles will develop in flavour over time. In no particular order, our recommended wines for gifting are:

  1. Merlot red – a medium bodied wine with prominent fruit flavours. There’s lots of choice with Merlots, so you can adapt the wine to fit the palate of the person you’re gifting it to.
  2. Sauvignon blanc white – refreshing and crisp due to its acidity, this wine almost always goes down well when chilled.
  3. Pinot noir red – a smooth wine that is perfect for winter, especially as a Christmas wine gift. It’s also not an heavy as other reds, so it can appeal to drinkers who usually go for whites or rosés.
  4. Rosé wine – while rosés are best to drink in summer, they can be given all year round for those that value a fruity finish.

Buy branded wine gifts

At Jean Juviniere, we believe everyone should experience the joy of receiving a bespoke wine gift. Our range includes champagne, cognac, port, white, and red wine gifts. All of these can be mixed and matched between our extensive range of box and case options. This means with us, you’ll have the ability to craft the perfect wine gift to give to employees, clients and business partners. Contact us today to get started with your order. As we head into October, Christmas will be coming up soon, so it’s time to plan ahead and order your wine Christmas gifts from us ready for the holiday season.