When is the ideal time to send your corporate gifts to clients?

When is the ideal time to send your corporate gifts to clients?

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

Sending corporate gifts to clients is a nice gesture and can go a long way towards strengthening your relationship with that client as well as increasing your brand awareness. However, is there an ideal time to send your corporate gifts that could boost the impact they have further? In this article we’ll be exploring the best times to purchase and send corporate gifts for clients to help you consistently get it right and impress your gift recipients. 

During the holidays 

This might seem like an obvious time, but that doesn’t take away from its importance or impact. Christmas is one of the biggest occasions for corporate gifts as it’s a joyful and festive time of year where businesses can reflect and celebrate the success of the year they’ve had and say thanks to clients who made it possible. Corporate gifting has seen a significant amount of growth in recent years, so timing is extremely important to ensure your clients receive their holiday gifts on time. 

It’s estimated that 30% of companies plan their holiday gifts three months in advance. By planning and ordering your Christmas gifts early you can have full peace of mind that your gifts will arrive at the perfect time and avoid the stress of last-minute shopping during the busiest time of the year. 

Birthdays and personal milestones

If you want to create and maintain a strong relationship with your clients, recognising special occasions like birthdays and other important milestones with a corporate gift is a great way to do this. It sends a clear message to the client that you care about them as individuals, not just a business entity, which resonates with them and builds trust. For example, if a client is having a baby or celebrating a business milestone like a number of years with the business, those are good examples of when sending a personal corporate gift is appropriate. 

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Client/business milestones 

As a business, identifying key milestones with your client such as the anniversary of when you started working with them, how many years they’ve been in business, or achieving a specific target with them is an ideal time to send a corporate gift. This is because it shows the client that you value their achievements and strengthens your partnership further for long-term success. It also shows the client that you have a strong attention to detail and have taken the time to truly understand them as a business, which can boost the reputation and positive word of mouth of your company to generate new clients. 

New Year celebrations 

New Year is a popular time for sending corporate gifts as it sets the tone for the year ahead. Businesses can reflect on the success they’ve had with that client in the previous year and express their desire to continue building on that relationship and success moving into the new year. It’s an ideal way of solidifying your commitment to the client as well as showing your appreciation to them. Again, it’s important to plan these gifts in advance to ensure they arrive with the client at the right time. 

Sales promotions and marketing 

It’s not easy to win clients and taking any opportunity to stand out and make yourself memorable for potential new clients, can be just what is needed to get them over the line. This is particularly relevant for smaller businesses who want to establish strong relationships with clients early to keep them loyal to the company. A branded corporate gift with your business logo can make you more memorable to a possible client and establish a personal connection with them early. 


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