What should I gift clients for Christmas?

What should I gift clients for Christmas?

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

Christmas is a time of giving, which is why many businesses make sure all their clients receive a gift during the festive period. While this isn’t essential for every business, sending client gifts is often an effective way to show appreciation for their custom. It can strengthen relationships, even during periods where gift giving is commonplace such as Christmas.

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Why to send clients gifts at Christmas

As a business leader, your client relationships are hugely important as they typically result in parties using your goods and services on a repeat basis. Sending gifts helps establish and maintain goodwill with clients, which often strengthens the relationship. This can have many significant benefits, such as increased brand perception and better return on investment (ROI).

Although Christmas is one of the most common gift giving periods in the year, it can still be an opportunity to stand out. Sending clients gifts at Christmas is a good opportunity to reflect on what you have achieved together throughout the year. You can then also include a message along the lines of ‘looking forward to rounding out the final quarter’.

Considerations when buying client gifts this Christmas

Whether you’re looking for Christmas wine gifts, food, or something practical, you need to make sure it’s appropriate for the recipient. A personalised touch goes a long way in showing you’ve thought about what the client would enjoy.


A gift that aligns with your client’s work not only shows you understand their business, it also shows you’ve put effort into tailoring their gift accordingly.


While many clients will appreciate luxury corporate gifts, businesses should be wary of their budget. Spending on corporate gifts is a short-term cost that’s only likely to be returned far in the future. As such, it’s good to do some financial planning. If you buy an expensive gift for a prospective client, there is also the risk of scaring them off.

Make it memorable

Your clients have probably received tons of corporate Christmas gifts over the years, so it’s important yours stand out. A great way to avoid a generic gift is by having your company branding on the gift, such as with our wooden wine boxes.

Shop corporate wine gift sets for Christmas

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