What is considered a fine wine?

What is considered a fine wine?

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

To make a wine gift special, you don’t want it to be a bottle that the recipient could buy themselves in a supermarket. As such, we recommend finding high-quality wines or fine rare wines. Spotting fine wines involves so much more than just looking for the biggest price tag, although many fine wines are more expensive due to their scarcity and production processes. 

Below are the key characteristics to look out for to help you make the right choices when buying fine wine gifts.



Fine wines balance the various elements that make up their drinking experience, such as sweetness, acidity, tannin, and body. Each of these will exist in harmony with one another to provide ideal balance. Notably, alcohol content is also well-balanced in fine wines so it’s not overpowering. A high alcohol percentage is not an indication of a fine wine alone. 



The term ‘terroir’ refers to where the wine has come from. This includes its entire journey, from how the grapes were grown to the climate, soil and location of the vineyard. The taste of finer wine often reflects these origins, creating a unique drinking experience. This makes fine wines particularly well-suited to gifting as bottles can be matched to the individual based on their geographical ties. For example, a fine white wine from Bordeaux could evoke memories for someone who grew up there.



Fine wines leave a lasting impression in the form of a pleasing aftertaste that usually lingers for a few seconds. Its deep flavours and aromas, however, can remain on the palate for between 30-45 seconds post sip. The ‘length’ of a wine will vary between types so it’s worth asking one of our experienced sommeliers before choosing the bottles for your corporate wine gifts.



Last but not least, an important factor when you come to buy fine gift wine are the flavours. These wine varieties exhibit complex layers of flavours, texture and aroma. This is often a result of the grapes and techniques used in its preparation, along with the landscape of the vineyard. Many fine wines will also be aged to enhance their flavour profile and further set them apart from more common bottles.


Bespoke corporate fine wine gifts 

Taking these characteristics into account, fine wines are effective at creating a lasting memory for drinkers. When your employees and clients receive this gift, they will have a unique experience that stays with them. With Jean Juviniere’s range of medal winning wines sourced from vineyards across Europe, you have many kinds of fine wine to choose from. Contact us today to book a personal wine tasting and discover the fine wines will make the perfect gift for your business to give. With Christmas just around the corner, don’t forget to shop wine Christmas gifts for your employees and clients.