What happens at a wine tasting?

What happens at a wine tasting?

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, someone looking to learn more, or you’re buying for someone else, wine tastings are a great experience. Participants can sample a variety of wines to discover what varieties are out there, along with their own preferences. However, the exact process of a wine tasting can vary between vineyards and independent specialists.

This blog is designed as a general guide for anyone who hasn’t been to a wine tasting before.

The benefits of a wine tasting

There are simply some aspects of a wine that cannot be fully appreciated by reading the label alone. A wine tasting gives you the opportunity to experience the flavours, textures, smells, and appearance of a bottle before you invest. This is especially beneficial when buying wine gift boxes or other wine selections, as you can get an insight into how multiple wines go together.

Another benefit is that you get a sense of the wine’s origins and the process behind it’s bottling. This is why it’s recommended to ask questions, such as ‘where are the grapes cultivated?’. Many wines even have a unique story behind how they came into being. This knowledge can be used to enhance the significance of your gift. For instance, you might want to find a wine that was bottled in the same birth year of the person you are going to gift it to.

What to expect from a Jean Juviniere wine tasting

The aim of our corporate wine tastings is to allow you find the perfect gift for your employees or clients. To this end, one of our friendly wine experts provides you with a wide range of types. During the tasting you’ll be given a sample of between 8 and 10 quality wines to try, along with a description of its characteristics. This typically includes a description of the region the wine is from, the dryness, texture, aroma, and any of its flavours.

You’ll be given plenty of time in between wines to savour them. As such, don’t feel as though you have to rush during the tasting. The sommelier may first go through any recommended etiquette, such as holding the glass by the stem to maintain the ideal sampling temperature.

A unique aspect of our wine tastings is that they are personal. As a result, you’re able to tailor the tasting selection to meet the preferences of your company and clients. This is possible through our booking form, which features options for preferred wines and any wines you would like not to be included.

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Schedule a corporate wine tasting

At Jean Juviniere, we pride ourselves on being a fine wine company that puts customer experience first. This starts with our wine tastings, which are intended to give you all the information you need to choose the perfect gift to show appreciation for your employees, business partners, and clients. Oftentimes, corporate gifts fall into the trap of being generic. Contact us today for a bespoke branded wine gift that will leave a lasting impact.