What are the benefits of branded corporate gifts?

What are the benefits of branded corporate gifts?

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

As a business leader, your relationships matter. They can be an effective way to open doors, create a positive workplace environment, and more. When it comes to the corporate world, actions speak louder than words. This is why branded corporate gift giving can be an extremely beneficial business strategy, especially if your corporate gift ideas are unique to the recipients. 

In this blog, we’ll be covering all the potential benefits of branded corporate gifts for businesses. 

Internal benefits  

Corporate branded gifts can be used to great effect within an organisation. They can be given to employees of all levels to show gratitude for the work being done. This internal gifting serves as positive reinforcement for employees, thereby encouraging further productivity. Corporate gifts don’t have to be given just for achievements either. A tasteful and well-thought-out wine gift for instance, can have many lasting benefits. 

Having the company brand featured on its gifts helps create a feeling of unity. Employees are reminded that they are all working towards the same goals. The result is that they are more likely to take pride in their position and be more involved in meetings and discussions. The latter can improve the outcome of internal meetings by creating a cohesive workforce. This can be especially beneficial for teams that work partly online, as it can be easier for individuals to feel disconnected 

In addition to celebrating accomplishments in work, business leaders can use corporate gifts to mark significant dates in an employee’s calendar. For example, a long work anniversary or birthday. Corporate gifting shows that you care about the individual on a human level. Personalised corporate gifts offer the flexibility to be tailored to these events. When gifting wine, bottles can be chosen that reflect the date, location, or personal taste of the recipient. 

Lastly, giving gifts is just a nice thing to do. When employees see that the company culture includes gifts for employees, it boosts happiness and morale. This can be essential at certain times of the year where people’s moods are more likely to drop due to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Here, corporate gifting allows businesses to maintain high levels of productivity throughout the year and retain staff at a higher rate. 

branded corporate wine bottles

Benefits for clients 

Business leaders can also benefit greatly from giving specially selected corporate gifts to their new, existing, and prospective clients. It lets them know that their business is valued and that your organisation is thankful for the partnership. This not only helps ensure that the business keeps its relationships, but that it experiences future benefits as well. 

Increases reach 

Branded client corporate gifts help spread the word about your business and what you offer. This can be done directly by gifting to clients you haven’t secured, or indirectly as a result of word of mouth. In either case, corporate gifts can be a gateway to acquiring new business. Furthermore, gifts such as wine that can be kept for long periods, serve as lasting reminders of the organisation and its relationship with the client. 

Strengthens relationships

Fine branded corporate gifts are an effective way to establish a deeper connection with clients. It shows clients that you are appreciative of their support and that you are keen to continue working together in the future. Gift giving often becomes a cycle, with clients giving back to the giver in some way. Typically, this reciprocal action will benefit the brand through endorsements, new business, a closer working relationship, or a mixture of all three. 

Adds to the brand 

Offering branded corporate gifts can be a nice touch at the end of an event where people are being introduced to the brand for the first time. The act of gift giving signals to prospects that your company is the kind that treats its employees and contacts well. Leaders also have the option of tailoring the gifts to fall in line with their brand values. For example, corporate wine gifts aiming to demonstrate environmental concerns would be sourced from vineyards that grow and bottle products in sustainable ways.


Benefits of branded corporate wine gifts 

In conclusion, branded corporate gifting is one of the best ways for businesses to grow effectively. Going that extra mile for your trusted employees and clients shows you care about the relationship you have with them. At Jean Juviniere, we offer a corporate wine gifting service that can print your brand on bespoke packaging. This includes a range of materials, from wood to card to leather to hampers. Contact us today and we’ll help you pick out a gift that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.