The best gifts for a business anniversary

The best gifts for a business anniversary

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

As the owner of a company, each anniversary is a milestone that’s worth celebrating. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved and show appreciation for those who have helped you do it. This can be employees old and new, as well as long standing clients and business partners. But how exactly do you choose the right gifts for such an occasion? This post is here to give you some corporate gift ideas for your next anniversary.

The importance of a business anniversary

Celebrating a business anniversary is a great way to bring everyone within the company together and serves as a reminder of what they’re all working towards. It can improve morale, promote loyalty, and increase motivation. An anniversary is also an opportunity to shout about the success of the business to customers and prospects. This can be highly successful for promoting the brand, as it offers an insight into the company culture at the same time.

A business anniversary doesn’t always have to be when the company was founded. Instead, you might want to consider focusing on the recent success of the organisation and any targets that were hit throughout the year. It’s a time to recognise the collective effort that was put into running the business, rather than reward the actions of a few individuals. Nevertheless, business anniversary gifts can be chosen based on a particular department or team to add a more personal touch.

Gift ideas for business anniversaries

Organising the perfect gift for a business anniversary can be tricky, especially in a company with a high number of staff. It needs to be something that relates to either the business, your employees, clients, or all three.

A party or other social event can be brilliant for marking a business anniversary in a way that’s fun and memorable. It’s the perfect excuse for everyone to let their hair down after all. This is a flexible option too, as various aspects of the party can be chosen based on what will go down best. For example, an anniversary wine gift served at the party could have custom labelling tied to the event. This lets the wine serve as a reminder of the party and by extension the anniversary for those that attended, whether they were employees or clients.

Branded corporate gifts can go a long way to showing you care about the work put in by your employees. It establishes a more personal connection and also gives recipients something they can look back on with pride. A bespoke wine gift featuring company branding is ideal for this, as it’s totally unique and has the gravitas necessary to show your appreciation.

In the run-up to an anniversary date, measures can be put in place to offer rewards to employees. This can come in a range of rewards, from nominations and prizes to a formal rewards system based on points. While the former is more engaging for the whole organisation, the latter might give long-serving employees more fulfilment. This could also work to encourage people to work harder and make more contributions going forward.

It might seem like a big step, but the nature of the anniversary might call for a brand makeover. An anniversary is the perfect time to make changes that reflect the company identity, as it marks the start of a new era. A rebranding can also reinforce that the business is moving in the right direction. It can also improve the effectiveness of branded corporate gifts given in the future, such as bespoke wooden wine boxes or a wine gift box selection.

The logo doesn’t have to be a massive or lasting change either. For instance, if the company is celebrating a year milestone like 10 years, it could simply a case of incorporating this number into the existing logo for the following year.

Boxed wine gifts for any occasion

At Jean Juviniere, if it’s two things we know a lot about its businesses and wine. When you book a personal wine tasting, feel free to explain why you’re getting the gift and what anniversary you’re celebrating. This will help our sommelier to select wines which are ideally suited. We have a wide range of gifting options, all of which can be bespoke branded to your company. This also includes high-end choices for the most important business anniversaries, such as our champagne box gift.