Is wine a good corporate gift?

Is wine a good corporate gift?

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

There are many options for business leaders when it comes to choosing what gift to send out to employees, clients or business associates. In fact, they may choose to give different ones to each. Regardless, it’s recommended to make sure that these corporate gifts have a positive impact on those that receive them. Alcoholic drinks such as wine have been a popular choice in this regard, but does that mean they are always the best option?

This post contains a deep dive into the nature of corporate gifts and what makes wine a good choice for companies looking to give gifts to clients and employees.

The importance of corporate gifting

Gift giving is a long-standing tradition around the world. We use it to strengthen relationships, show appreciation, and celebrate special days and events. Corporate gift giving is no different, which is why business marketers will often send out multiple gift boxes throughout the year to both employees and clients.

For the former, corporate gifts are an effective way to let your employees know that the work they’re doing is valued. It could be due to a company milestone and therefore the gift is a way to share the celebrations throughout the company. Equally, individual employees could be selected to receive gifts based on performance or certain achievements outside of the workplace. In both instances, corporate gifting can be a motivating factor that improves productivity and efficiency.

For clients, gifts show that your relationship means more than just profit. This is why it’s often best to give client gifts outside of regular holiday seasons. This shows that you are giving the gift primarily to say thank you for doing business with your company. Ideally, the result is they will continue to stay as your clients for a long period. Similarly, gift giving can be an effective way to convert prospective clients following an initial meeting.

Corporate Gifts

Reasons for corporate gifting

If you’ve ever received an unexpected gift, you know how good it can make you feel. This is partly due the psychological phenomenon known as the ‘endowment effect’ – where people who physically receive a gift are likely to place a higher value on the item. However, there are other effects of gift giving that make it especially worthwhile for companies.

Firstly, it can be interpreted by consumers as an indication of core values. Employees and clients that receive gifts will often post about them on social media or mention them to friends and family. In these cases, it helps spread the word that your business is one that treats its workers well. When people come to making purchase decisions, they could be swayed if the treatment of employees is something they care strongly about.

In addition, corporate gifting has been shown as an action that promotes trust and reciprocity. In other words, employees are more likely to feel that a company has their best interests at heart. This can improve workplace morale and consequently help avoid issues such as bullying and absenteeism. The latter can even occur when an employee is physically in the workplace but mentally checked out.

Wine Tasting

The benefits of corporate wine gifts

On top of the general benefits of corporate gifting established above, wine products have certain properties that make them particularly good as corporate gifts. As you’ll see, some of these options are only available by using the services of a specialist corporate wine seller such as Jean Juviniere.

Wine has been synonymous with sophistication ever since it was first invented. The polished appearance of the bottles makes it an ideal gift for individuals in the corporate world. Many high end wine brands also feature gold and silver colouring, along with lavish lettering. This helps reinforce your business’s image, especially if you want to appear as refined.

Personalised corporate wine gifts can be memorable. It’s not just about the act of receiving the bottle or its material value. Instead, a wine gift is something that can be enjoyed after the fact. Wine has the potential to create memories through the experience of drinking it. It can also leave a lasting impression in relation to whenever the recipient chose to open it, such as at a special personal event.

Associates and clients will be very appreciative of corporate wine gifts that have been carefully selected. Oftentimes, this is because the company has shown appreciation for the relationship it has with the individual. The result is that a relationship of giving is established to the benefit of your business.

There’s a massive variety when it comes to the types of wine that can be given as a corporate gift. For example, Jean Juviniere stocks wine from Italy, Germany, France, and Spain, all from many different regions. If this wasn’t enough, we also have the option to include champagne, cognac and port in your corporate gift boxes too. This way, your wine gift can be made unique in consideration of the recipient’s preferences.

The wines themselves typically don’t need any help to look great. However, many personal touches can be made to tailor how they are given as a corporate gift. The most immediate option to get engraved wooden wine boxes made with your company logo on. As a result, recipients feel as though extra effort has gone into their gift, which is also a limited edition item. It’s special. Jean Juviniere also offers custom branded leather wine boxeswooden wine boxeswine hampers, and card wine boxes.

Risks of gifting alcohol

In the UK especially, alcohol is a popular gift for many occasions. However, there are some considerations that need to be made in order for it to be effective as a gift. If you don’t have adequate knowledge of someone’s preferences, all the benefits previously discussed might fall flat. Factors to be aware of include:

  • Religion – many faiths avoid alcohol either indefinitely or until a certain time of year. Prominent examples are branches of Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, and Muslims.
  • History of addiction or alcoholism – oftentimes, people won’t be open with their superiors about personal battles. This is equally true for people whose family members have had problems with alcohol consumption. Both cases can lead to strong aversions to alcohol with wine gift giving therefore at risk of causing offence.
  • Personal preferences – there can be many other reasons for people not wanting to drink alcohol or only drinking certain kinds of alcohol. It could be related to weight loss, health, mental wellbeing, or fitness goals.
  • Policies – some workplaces will have their own policies around receiving alcoholic gifts. Therefore, even if your employees can receive these gifts, it’s best to ask if there are any regulations when gifting wine for clients.

Buy corporate wine gifts online

Jean Juviniere is a family-run business that has been built up over generations. We’ve used our reputation and experience to form extensive links for sourcing high quality wine you won’t find in the supermarket. As such, we have a range of corporate wine gift packages that are truly special. Contact us today for more information on branded gifts options.