Is red wine a good corporate Christmas gift?

Is red wine a good corporate Christmas gift?

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

Finding the right corporate gift can be challenging at the best of times, let alone at Christmas. Fortunately, choosing to give corporate wine gifts provides a great deal of flexibility. Red wine in particular has the potential to be a brilliant Christmas gift for employees and clients alike. However, only when the proper thought has gone into selecting the wine. 

This blog is designed to act as a guide to ensure business leaders can make the most of red wine gifts given at Christmas. 

Making corporate gifting special at Christmas 

Oftentimes, the challenge with giving corporate Christmas wine gifts is that everyone expects to be given something over the period. This makes it difficult for anyone gift to stand out and make a lasting impression. When giving gifts in your company’s name, however, leaving a positive impression is the ultimate goal. 

One of the best strategies for Christmas corporate gifting is to make it personal. In other words, make it clear that thought has gone into picking a gift that’s tailored to the recipient and their preferences. For example, it could be made in the same country that the recipient was born in. Red wines are perfect in this regard, as they are produced in a wide range of countries around the world. Leaders can then make it extra special by sourcing a branded wine box or case that features the company logo. 

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Red wine as a corporate Christmas gift 

Red wine has a long-standing reputation as being a drink of luxury and indulgence. Its deep flavours have also made it a popular choice for cold, dark winter evenings. All these factors combine to make red wines very well suited as gifts during the Christmas period. As an organisation, bold red wines can also be synonymous with strength. You can use the gift to signify and show thanks for the strong bond shared with employees, clients, or business contacts. 

When buying red wine for Christmas gifting, the first thing to consider is the recipient’s taste preference. Although it can be safe to go for a well-rounded red such as a Merlot, you can go the extra mile by choosing a red wine with specific flavours. For example, if you know someone loves cherries above all else, there’s a wine with the flavour profile that will appeal to that person. Red wines are especially well suited to the holiday season as they can be mulled to take on classic flavours such as cinnamon and cloves. 

Browse our range of Christmas wine gifts to pick out a selection of fine red wines that are perfect for any recipient. You’ll notice each of our luxury wine gifts containing four or more bottles have the option to choose whatever wine types is best for the occasion and the individual. As such, you have the freedom to create a full red wine hamper if you so choose.

Specialists in wine for corporate gifting 

Jean Juviniere Ltd is an independent family run business that have dedicated generations to sourcing interesting, high-quality wines. We offer personal wine tastings that enable our clients to find the best white, rosé and red wines for your chosen recipient this Christmas. Our team uses their expertise to deliver a great experience that’s unique to you. Contact us today if you have any questions about the corporate branding options for our wine gifts.