Factors to consider when buying fine red wine

Factors to consider when buying fine red wine

Steven Murtagh

Written By Steven Murtagh

Buying fine red wine takes practice, especially when you must also match its qualities to the person you’re buying for. The effort you put into finding the right fine wine will pay off though, as it can show clients and employees how much you care. To help you go the extra mile, we’ve put together this blog as a guide for buying fine red wines using our sommelier experience. 

Why choose red wine as a gift? 

Red wines can make a brilliant gift for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are many connotations and feelings that can be evoked through red wine. Its dark colours create feelings of strength and authority, while it has a reputation as a drink that’s reserved for special occasions. Secondly, it can have a great range of tastes, from cherries to chocolate to strawberries to herbs. This allows you to select a bottle of red wine (or two) that are guaranteed to appeal to the preferences of the recipient. 

Finally, red wine is a flexible gift that can come with many variations. This includes strength, grape origin, storage, and packaging. We have a range of options for all of these, with products such as our red wine hamper or wooden wine boxes available to buy online. 

How to choose fine red wines

Fine wine isn’t just any old bottle you can find down at the supermarket. A real fine red wine is typically only available from specialist wine sellers. Going to a wine tasting or visiting a vineyard is a good strategy for finding fine wines. When you do have the opportunity to buy some however, you should look out for the following attributes to help inform your decision. 

  •  Flavour: Where a standard red might have one or two flavours that make up its overall profile, a fine red wine will contain a host of different flavours. These will dance and play together on the palette to create an entirely unique drinking experience. Its flavour will likely be influenced by its vineyard of origin, grape variety, and how it has been stored. 
  • Boldness: The colour of a fine red wine is typically a dark red or purple that doesn’t let much light through. This is usually an indication of the climate the wine was made in, as well as the tannin content. 
  • Smoothness: Although these wines can be heavier, they will also be well balanced to allow for an easy drinking experience. You should notice very little or no acidity with a fine red wine. 
  • Vintage: A wine’s vintage refers to the year the grapes were harvested. Even two bottles from the same vineyard can exhibit different characteristics if they are from different years. This is due to possible variations in growing conditions between the years in question. 


Shop corporate red wine gifts 

The process of buying corporate wine gifts should not be rushed. Taking the time to buy a high quality fine red wine is more likely to leave a lasting impression. Jean Juviniere can help you find the bottle that’s right for your chosen recipient. Anyone can go and buy a bottle from the shop down the road, but a fine wine that has been thoroughly researched and chosen with the recipient in mind shows how much you value them. It could be to celebrate a company milestone, an event in their life, a deal going through, or any other notable date. Contact us today for more information on our branded corporate wine gifts.